Book Launch


Saturday 19 January 2019 – Waterstones, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England
Book Signing
11 am – 2 pm
Wednesday 23 January 2019 – Daunt’s Bookshop, Chelsea, London
Book Launch Party
7-9 pm
January 2019 tbc – Libreria Las Luces, Malaga, Spain
Presentación del libro

London, 13 November 2018

Author Jordan Lancaster Ortega introduces Yadira to Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel

Saturday 19 October 2018 – Cuban Embassy, Brussels
Concert by Maestro Roman Bombarle and Book Launch
“Roman Bombarle’s rendition of Dos Gardenias made me feel like I was back in Cuba!” – Miriam, Havana
“Yadira is a Cuban classic.  I love her zest for life, that’s what I remember of my own Cuban childhood.” – Eddy, Santiago de Cuba
Saturday 6 October 2019 – Cuban Embassy, London
Children’s Party and Book Launch
2-5 pm
“What an amazing day!  The children were beaming and listened with rapt attention as Jordan read the first pages of the book.” – Anneta, London

Public Lectures


Italian Cultural Institute, Toronto, Canada

“Pompeii and Naples: Greek influences”

Sub-zero temperatures did not keep people from filling Toronto’s Italian Cultural Centre to hear Dr. Jordan Lancaster engage them with her illuminating lecture on Naples and Pompeii.  As an introduction to the upcoming Pompeii exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, her presentation was both cogent and timely.

– Ruth Coney


Italian Cultural Institute, London, England

“Vesuvius and London: Four eruptions whose reverberations were felt as far as the British Isles”

Dr Jordan Lancaster’s delightful lecture on the cultural history of Naples was the highlight of wonderful evening at the Italian Cultural Institute. Her talk was informative, witty, entertaining and certainly piqued my interest in this fascinating city.

– Lee Innes

The lecture at the Italian Cultural Institute on Naples definitely resonated with the target audience.  The introduction was very effective and Jordan’s topic was very apparent within the first few sentences.   My attention was held throughout the entire lecture and I enjoyed the topic immensely.   Not only was the lecture convincing it was also VERY educational with much personality.

-Vickie Mildren

Toronto, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Feb 2015 “Greek Inspiration in Roman Naples”

New York, Harvard Club June 2010 “Naples and New York” “Jordan served up great insights of Naples. She made us laugh and reflect on such a contradictory city. Being Neapolitan I could particularly appreciate how she managed to delight and entertain, showing history and traditions of my hometown.”

– Viviana Bagnato

London, School of Advanced Study, University of London May 2010 Lecture and Movie Screening: “My Brother Is An Only Child” “One of the best evenings I’ve enjoyed in a long time, the connections between cinema and literature came alive in the multi media presentation. Dr. Lancaster is such an engaging and well informed lecturer”

– Angelo Iudice

“Dr Lancaster gave an excellent talk prior to the film showing, which was all the encouragement required to buy the book.”

– Binky Aylmer

‘The screening of “My Brother Is An Only Child” preceded by Dr Lancaster’s lecture was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening. Dr Lancaster’s talk added an important extra dimension to the film for the viewer. I would attend further talks by Dr Lancaster, and highly recommend others to do so too.’

– David Simmons

“The film was followed by an interesting talk by Jordan and plenty of wine. A great evening was had by all.’

– Stevie Segal

Vancouver, Istituto Italiano di Cultura January 2010 Movie Screening: “My Brother Is An Only Child” Lecture: “The Art of Literary Translation: case study Il fasciocommunisita

‘Out of the ordinary’ hardly begins to explain the story behind the translation of Il fasciocommunista, as revealed at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura one evening following the screening of the film based on the book. The Vancouver audience, now accustomed to Dr. Lancaster’s engaging speaking style – having met her previously as the author of In the Shadow of Vesuvius – was drawn into the life of a translator (as she also is) with its varied challenges. We were fascinated to learn how she worked under the double pressure of accurately capturing the colloquial style of author Antonio Pennachi while working to a very tight deadline to have My Brother Is an Only Child ready for the UK premiere of the movie.

-Eileen Richardson

London, Victoria and Albert Museum June 2009 “Roaming Rome”, “Beginner’s Baroque”

“We attended Dr Lancaster’s lecture on Rome on the recommendation of a friend. It was one of the best talks I have enjoyed in a long time, the city came alive in the multi media presentation. She is such an engaging and well informed lecturer and involved the audience with her personal and professional experiences. Dr. Lancaster’s lectures are always lively and thought provoking. My teenage daughter was enthralled and she has been inspired to visit Rome since. I would thoroughly recommend her lectures to anyone interested in the culture of Italy.”

– Elizabeth Allison

Jordan has also lectured at UNESCO Paris, the Italian Cultural Institute in Dublin, the University of Toronto (School of Italian Studies), the University of Bristol, the University of Glasgow and the American University in Rome as well as acting as a visiting professor for courses in Italian literature and translation at the University of British Columbia, the University of Regina, Surrey University, City University (London), South Bank University (London) and the University of Westminster (London).

Her lectures and classes are witty, informative, stylish yet never superficial and of course always enjoyable. vancovuer04