Jordan’s company Square Mile Languages can provide the best possible translation of specialised documents in fields such as insurance, law, shipping and banking. Dr. Lancaster herself specialises in literary translations in the fields of music, poetry, cinema, art, and culture in general.

Translation of Antonio Pennacchi’s Italian best seller “Il fasciocommunista”, now an award winning major motion picture directed by Daniele Lucchetti, this is an unforgettable coming-of-age story of love, family and politics. Set in the small town of Latina, south of Rome, in the 1960s and 70s, the novel tells the story of two brothers divided by their political beliefs and drawn apart by their shared love for the same woman.

My Brother is An Only Child – Revolver, London 2008; 2011translations

“A lively, witty, funny and intelligent meditation on Italy’s Fascist inheritance” – Time Out, London

“…sensitive translation of a difficult text, brining out deep and subtle shades of meaning in highly readable prose…” Dr. Katia Pizzi, Senior Lecturer in Italian Literature, School of Advanced Study, University of London


Sapori del Garda (Garda Flavours) Publitour, Milan, 2010saporidelgarda

English language version of the stunning Sapori del Garda (Garda Flavours) cookbook.

Massimo Ghidelli was born in Milan and lives today on the shores of Lake Garda. He has just published his first cookbook, Sapori del Garda (Garda Flavours). It contains recipes from all three shores of the lake, which belong to three different regions: in Italy regional identify is very strong and it is not always easy to go beyond regional boundaries. Moreover, in this beautiful country, even within a very small geographical area, personalisation is extreme: if you attempt to travel through Italy from North to South you will find a different panorama every 20 km, the architecture of the churches changes slightly, you will hear a different dialect spoken, and favourite dishes are prepared in widely divergent recipes. At times, it becomes difficult to speak of a single Italian cuisine, or indie of a single Italian nation. Sapori del Garda is published in a multilingual volume, with Italian, English and German text.


“Jordan Lancaster prepared the translation with her usual style, combining linguistic grace with a great fidelity to the original text. This was no easy feat, as this book is more than a simple collection of recipes. In actual fact, it is local history told through the perspective of cuisine. Only a highly talented professional, with a great sense of humour and practical knowledge of cookery could so successfully assist an author in a voyage which begins with the description of a recipe, then goes on to tell the best way to catch a certain fish and finally advise which wine, perhaps an excellent crisp Garda white or a fine Chiaretto, best brings out the flavours of the dish. Jordan’s task was not as easy as you might think (although I hope that it was at least enjoyable) because Italians like to maintain the links with their own tradition, history, life style and even the names of the most innovative dishes are related to our history and traditions (how does one explain that “uccelli scappati” refers to pork, not poultry?). Jordan’s profound knowledge and detailed study of Italian regional identify allows her to successfully translate literary works with profound historical and cultural content and nothing misses her capable eyes, not the slightest nuance!” – Massimo Ghidelli



 vivaldi_four_seasonsAntonio Vivaldi, the Four Seasons Sonnets and Music

This unique recording of Vivaldi’s classic quartet of violin concertos is embellished with the voice of Sir Michael Gambon reading from the maestro’s own sonnets illustrating each season.  Vivaldi’s eighteenth century poetry has been stylishly translated into vivid and modern English prose, evoking the musical tale of each concerto.  “This is such a great collection — you think you’ve heard all interpretations of the Four Seasons until you come across this, and it blows you away. What a gem!

“Legendary British actor Sir Michael Gambon …reads Vivaldi’s sonnets in an English translation by Jordan Lancaster… Gambon’s mellow intoning of Vivaldi’s word-paintings … enhance the music’s word-painting – a true feast for the senses.”  – Gramophone January 2012

“Thanks again for your wonderful translation” – Robert Atchison